We offer a range of tissue processing and analysis services to augment our tissue procurement services. Each of these services is highly specialised so we welcome discussions about your specific needs.

We support therapeutic antibody development through cross-reactivity testing in human tissue and other species (GLP & non-GLP). Regulatory work is carried out using the FDAEMEA, and MAFF panels of normal tissues.

Our experience means we can also support immunotoxicity lymphocyte sub-group analysis, cell proliferation studies, and diagnostic research services, as well as target validation and clinical biomarker assays.

Find out more about how we can support your TCR testing here.

In addition to sourcing tissue samples, Our GLP compliant laboratory can perform analysis on the samples from phase 0 through to phase 2 clinical trials.
Samples can be screened using IHC and IHS methods to determine the effects of the drug on human subjects.
Find out more about how we can support your clinical trial sample analysis here.

Our GLP accredited laboratories offer contract histology services from wet tissue cut through to Pathologist review of slides. Our highly experienced Scientists can undertake histology services in the following areas:

• Non-regulatory histology
• Special stains
• Regulatory preclinical toxicology
• Veterinary pathologists
• Medical pathologists

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Our team our Research Scientists work with Clients to identify IHC and IF biomarkers and can provide complete assay development or assay transfer of Clients methods.
• Proof of principle/mechanism of action (MOA) studies
• Antibody/target validation
• Target distribution studies in normal and diseased tissues.
• IHC/ISH expression in tissues or cell lines.

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We can establish and culture new primary cell lines derived from fresh human tissue, which opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of the types of cell line we can provide using clinically relevant material:
We can provide cell lines:

  • Established from both normal and diseased tissues e.g. cancers, COPD, RA, etc ;
  • From single or multiple donors,
  • With detailed clinical information relevant to that cell line.

Our extensive knowledge of primary cell culturing has led to the development and validation of specialised media formulations, significantly improving both the establishment process and the performance of the cells. We are also happy to tackle the isolation of so—called “difficult” cells.

If you commonly outsource studies involving human pancreatic islets for the study of metabolic disorders or evaluating new drugs then we can help on a contract service basis. Batches of pancreatic islets are isolated from normal human donors, and we guarantee their quality and viability. They can be used in the study of:

  • Insulin production
  • Cell metabolism
  • Immunosuppression
  • Metabolic Disorders

PDX cancer models provide an array of opportunities for translational research, allowing a more relevant evaluation of targeted therapies and better predictions of clinical outcome.
Currently available models include:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Breast cancer (various hormone subtypes)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Lung cancer

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