Tissue Microarray Slides (TMAs)

Tissue Microarray (TMAs) is an innovative technique used in diagnostics and drug research.

TMAs are a cost-effective way of analyzing multiple tissue samples at the same time. Tissue Microarrays can be assembled of up to 1000 tissue cores to allow multiplex histological analysis.

Tissue Solutions provide normal tissue microarrays TMAs for rapid therapeutic and diagnostic antibody validation studies. Our TMA includes a panel of 33 human tissues, including parathyroid, recommended for antibody screening in line with FDA guidance.

Each array set includes:

  • 3 slides – 2 x male donor tissue, 1 x female donor tissue
  • Tissue obtained from IRB approved sources from fully consented donors
  • Frozen in LN2, OCT embedded, then cored (1.5mm)
  • Triple cores per tissue
  • Available in full, partial, FFPE or frozen slide formats

Tissue Microarrays can be used for the following applications:

  • Testing antibodies
  • ISH probe or other reagents on multiple tissues

Detailed annotation is available for each TMA – Age, gender, ethnicity, cause of death/reason of surgery, PMI or time from surgery to preservation, serology testing result.

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