Human Bloods and Biofluids

We provide a range of fresh human bloods and body fluids to our clients in the UK, Europe and USA on a prospective basis.

When providing a proposal, we can advise on estimated transit times, to assess viability of a given option, and offer multiple options based on client and source locations.

Fresh and Frozen Human Bloods

We can deliver fresh and frozen human bloods from both normal and diseased donors, using the anticoagulant and collection tube of your choice. We can get access to donors from a range of disease areas including oncology, CNS, inflammation, autoimmune, cardiovascular, blood disorders and metabolic disease. We are able to accommodate most donor requirements to ensure that you are receiving a final product that is tailored to your specific research application.

Browse our range of banked and readily available fresh and frozen human bloods in our eshop.

Fresh and Frozen Human Biofluids

We can also assist with the procurement of biofluids including cord blood, serum, plasma, urine, faeces, bone marrow, saliva, tears, sweat, sputum, synovial fluid, CSF, ascites, menstrual blood and breast milk. These can be provided from normal and diseased donors and collected to specific inclusion or exclusion criteria.

Browse our range of banked and readily available fresh and frozen human biofluids in our eshop.

All samples are ethically sourced, collected with IRB or ethics committee approval and written consent of donors.

Samples are suitable for use in drug discovery and development, toxicity testing and diagnostics development.

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