Fresh Human Tissues


Fresh Normal and Cancer Tissues

We provide a range of fresh human tissue samples to our clients in the UK, Europe and USA on a prospective basis. The viability of this will obviously vary depending on the locations of both the source and the client.

We can deliver a range of both normal and cancer samples from surgical resection for use in for example ex vivo and cell based assays.


Fresh Tissue Normal Cancer
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In addition, post mortem samples can be provided from organ donors that are not suitable for transplantation.

Fresh bloods and urine samples can also be obtained from healthy and diseased volunteers on a prospective collection basis.


Fresh Human Skin

Fresh human skin is available for use in your drug discovery and development applications such as drug permeation studies, skin irritation and toxicology models and for the isolation of primary and stem cells.

We provide surgical excess tissue following cosmetic procedures and can supply sheets of fresh skin from abdomen (full thickness and dermatomed), breast, scalp, and occasionally from arm, upper and lower eye lid and back.

Post mortem skin can also be obtained from most areas of the body (depending on donor consent) and the typical post mortem intervals (PMIs) are 6-8 hours. The donor age range does vary but donors over the age of 65 will be more common.

All fresh skin samples can be shipped in your medium of choice and are supplied with details of the donors HCV, HBV and HIV status.


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