Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all samples collected under the required IRB/ethics approval with informed consent?

Yes. We only work with sources that have the required IRB/ethical approval in place for that country and have informed donor consent. We carefully vet each new source in our network to ensure that all this is in place. We can provide anonymized copies of this information for all of our sources for our clients to review.

Does Tissue Solutions Ltd have an HTA license or IRB/ethics approval to collect, store and distribute biological samples?

We do not need to have either an HTA license or IRB/ethical approval in place, as we do not hold the samples in our facility nor do we perform any research on them. Our sources have the required approvals in place and we ship samples directly from the source to your lab.

Do you have a price list or catalogue that you can send me?

We are not your typical “catalogue shop” providing a long list of tissues available, as we work with a network of different sources each specializing in different things and with different costs. We prefer to work on an individual basis on your enquiries to ensure that you will get exactly what you are looking for. Where possible we will provide details of the different options available to you from a number of our sources.

What donor/sample information is provided?

The value of any given tissue is linked to the amount of detailed donor information that is associated with the samples. This will vary depending both on the source and also on the sample type. However, minimally you would receive details of the donor’s age, gender, confirmation of the disease and pathology report. For prospective collections you can specify the required donor information.

How do you assess and guarantee the quality of your samples?

Quality control and pathology verification is carried out by the source. We guarantee that all samples are of high quality and will arrive in good condition otherwise we will replace these free of charge or credit you in full.

What type of biological specimens can you provide?

Mostly tissue, and a range of biological fluids including bloods, plasma, serum, synovial fluid, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), urine, saliva etc. Depending on logistics these can be supplied fresh, flash frozen in liquid nitrogen, frozen OCT embedded and formalin fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE). And of course, we can provide both normal and diseased tissues.

Can you provide both surgical excess and post mortem tissues?

Yes. We have agreements in place with different sources that specialize in either surgical or post mortem material. Our FDA/EMEA panel of normal human tissues for antibody cross reactivity studies comes from post mortem donors, but we can provide surgical material if requested for many of the tissues.

Do you carry out prospective collections?

Yes. We can do this in both the UK and US through our collaborating groups and this allows us to supply “tough” tissues, e.g. fresh samples or those with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. If we need to find a new source or clinical group to work with then we can carry out a feasibility study on your behalf.

Do we need to have a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) in place with you to obtain tissues?

This will depend on which specific source we are obtaining the tissue from. For some it is a condition of our agreement with them that we only supply tissue to our clients under MTA and for others it is not.

Do you organize sample shipments?

Yes. We take care of all the logistics for you and arrange for the samples to be shipped directly to your lab as soon as possible. We only ship with reputable couriers, such as World Courier, with experience in shipping biological specimens worldwide to ensure safe delivery. The client covers shipping costs.

Can you help us with UK ethics applications?

Yes, we can help with advice on all aspects of the UK ethical process including help with filling out your NRES application, preparing donor consent forms and information sheets.

Can you provide high quality RNA and DNA with detailed donor and pathology information?

Yes, we can either provide already prepared RNA and/or DNA or can isolate this from whole tissue blocks for your specific project.

Do you provide immunohistochemistry and histology services under GLP?

Yes, working with our collaborators we can carry out antibody cross reactivity studies and histology work for you either to GLP or non-GLP.

Can you provide primary cell lines derived from human tissue?

Yes, we supply a whole range of established primary cells or can generate a cell line specifically for your needs. Please see our products page for more information.


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