We can help get your biospecimens to researchers We can help get your biospecimens to researchers

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As a Source

Tissue Solutions Ltd is always looking for opportunities to add to its network of sources and collaborators. If you collect tissues or biospecimens and are looking for help to find researchers who might be interested in your biospecimens then we can help you by adding you to our network of sources.

What we need from you

We apply the same standards across the board to all our sources in our network. For this reason we need you to send us documentation from your ethics committee or internal review board (IRB) or its equivalent in your country showing that you are permitted to collect biological samples from donors. We also need to see the patient information leaflet and consent form that you use to ensure that you give accurate and sufficient information to the donors about what happens to their samples. The patient information leaflet and the consent form are two of the most important pieces of documentation as they need to conform to a set of international standards. They are part of the ethical foundation on which we have built our company.

As a Supplementary Service Provider

We also work with companies that provide excellent additional services to our clients to enhance the products that we offer. For example, our sister company performs histology, histopathology and immunohistochemistry on the tissues we provide to our clients. Another company we work with establishes primary cell lines for our clients from fresh tissues that we source. The products and services that we provide are complementary and dovetail nicely with tissue supply so that we can provide the full range of services around human tissue provision.

If you and your company have a product or a service that you think may be of benefit to our clients and fits well within our gamut of products and services, please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposal for a “win-win collaboration.”

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