Our simple guide to the art of saliva donation

Did you know that an adult human typically produces between 1-1.5 litres of saliva every 24 hours?

No? Arguably, it’s probably not a thought that would enter into your head very often but just one drop of drool is all it takes to fuel scientific and medical development. Let’s face it, it’s not something you’re going to miss, especially as the adult human body produces a whopping 1-1.5 litres every single day!

Here at Tissue Solutions, we’re building our database of donor volunteers who are happy to share their fuss-free samples. Samples which have the potential to dramatically change someone’s life by aiding the development of new, less invasive tests to diagnose diseases such as COVID-19 and Crohn’s disease.

Our unmatched sample provision service allows scientists around the world, quick and easy access to a range of samples needed to further their research. 

A saliva sample is incredibly easy to take and can be done by yourself in the comfort of your own home.      

Fancy getting involved and doing your bit in providing a sample for science? The simple steps below outline the process which takes just seconds!

1. Firstly, after a suitable time has been agreed, you’ll receive the necessary materials required to take the sample, in the post. These comprise a consent form, a factsheet – which provides an overview of what the sample may be used for – and the collection kit. If you would prefer to donate in a clinical setting, then that’s no problem at all and we’ll direct you to the Tissue Solutions HQ (or nearest partner clinic dependent on location).

2. The next step is to then either take a straightforward collection of ‘drool’ (when you allow saliva to pool in the bottom of your mouth) before it’s placed in the tube provided, or you may be asked to spit directly into a tube or pot. Depending on the study, these different methods of sample provision make a difference to enzyme and protein activity!

3. Pick up is then typically coordinated using our specialist courier service to ensure the sample reaches the client as quickly and as freshly as possible. It could be heading anywhere from Paris to Berlin just mere moments after leaving your mouth!

4. That’s it. You’ve done your bit. Say “bon voyage” to your sample as it embarks upon its exciting journey via plane, train or automobile, stick the kettle on and enjoy a hot drink for a job well done!

Don’t forget, the Tissue Solutions team will be on hand should you have any questions at all during the process.

How often we call upon donors is entirely dependent on current research areas – it’s science in real time action! Once a request comes in, we will reach out to registered volunteers to see if they wish to get involved and share a non-invasive saliva sample for science.

If you fancy joining our database and helping global companies further vital research and drug development using the very best, ethically sourced samples, you can do so here. 

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