UK Biobank of the Year Awards Nomination

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the UK Biobank of the Year Award 2019!

The Tissue Solutions team has been nominated for Biobank of the Year 2019. The event is run each year by the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre, and is the premier event for all those working in the human tissue sector.

The award seeks to recognise biobanks who have made a significant contribution to research and will be presented on 19th November at the UK Biobanking Showcase in Nottingham.

Aquila BioMedical, A Concept Life Sciences Company carry out world-leading blood derived macrophage assays for clients around the globe. Tissue Solutions entered a case study to demonstrate how they had supported Aquila BioMedical’s research. Aquila BioMedical have developed a panel of in vitro assays using functioning macrophages from blood obtained from Tissue Solutions, providing relevant human data on potential cancer therapeutics.

Tissue Solutions coordinated the recruitment of specific numbers of healthy donors on specific days. Bloods were drawn from these donors at different time during the day and samples couriered directly to Aquila for immediate use in the lab. Freshness of sample is a critical factor in these cutting-edge macrophage assays.

The successful completion of the project resulted from clear lines of communication, coordination with Tissue Solutions providing the collection and shipping functions and Aquila BioMedical providing the lab expertise, to successfully advance research in the anti-cancer field.

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