We are committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

Our Ethics

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

All human tissues provided by Tissue Solutions have been obtained according to the legal and ethical requirements of the country of collection, with the approval of an ethics committee (or similar) and with anonymous consent from the donor or nearest relative. We work only with sources who comply with the most stringent international ethical guidelines guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Our global network of sources includes hospitals, commercial tissue banks, charity—based biobanks and organ retrieval centres. Before we work with a new source, we obtain a copy of their ethics approval or state license to collect samples, and their donor information sheets and consent. All approval documents regarding the acquisition and donor consent are available to our clients for review, giving you the flexibility to select sources from our network according to your own internal ethical guidelines ensuring full compliance with your organization’s procurement policies.

One of our core principles is that all tissue samples should be treated with respect and dignity. All donors who have graciously provided material for research are key to progressing medical research to improve the treatment and prevention of human diseases. The patients’ right to high-quality medical care is the priority at all times, with access to donated tissues being secondary to their medical treatment.

We comply with the guidelines from the UK Human Tissue Authority (HTA) on the importation of tissues, so our UK clients do not have to worry about the ethical provenance of samples obtained through our network.

UK Ethics

As we are based in the UK, we often advise our clients on the Human Tissue Authority regulations and the UK ethical approval process. We can help with preparing realistic protocols and designing patient information & consent sheets that conform to the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) guidelines. We are flexible in our approach and will help you with as much or as little of this as you need.

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