How We Work

Tissue Solutions is a virtual biobank, sourcing ethically acquired, fully consented tissue from our extensive global network. Our collaborating partners include direct hospital sources, commercial biobanks, and charities, as well as prospective post—mortem organ and tissue collection agencies.

One of the advantages of working with us is that we can widen our scope to include multiple storage facilities, thus allowing us to meet stringent requirements and tight deadlines more efficiently, and to supply a greater variety of tissues than a single biobank; Because our tissue service is a customised approach we are not restricted to a specific disease area in the types of tissue we are most likely to source.

Every source in our network has the required ethics or institutional review board (IRB) approvals in place, and we ensure that we have copies of this and their patient consent forms. Copies of our sources’ IRB / Ethics approval and template donor consent forms are available on request.

As part of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we guarantee the quality of our samples, and continually review our suppliers for their product and service provision.

Feasibility Studies and Prospective Collections

We are able to look beyond our established network in order to meet your requirements; We can conduct a feasibility study to identify either a specialist collection of banked samples, or clinical groups willing to carry out a prospective collection on your behalf.

We deal with all the paperwork and logistics associated with a prospective collection, saving both you and the clinical groups precious time. We can often also put you in direct contact with the clinicians to help promote future collaborations in translational research.

Because we understand your scientific needs, we can ask the right questions to find the right samples, allowing you to maximise the value of the information you obtain.

UK Ethics

As we are based in the UK, we often advise our clients on the Human Tissue Authority regulations and the UK ethical approval process. We can help with preparing realistic protocols and designing patient information & consent sheets that conform to the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) guidelines. We are flexible in our approach and will help you with as much or as little of this as you need.

“At Tissue Solutions, our ethos is to have a client—focused, flexible approach, being as open, friendly and efficient as possible. We like to work with you, for you.”


For more information please contact us:

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