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Provider Of Quality Human Tissue Samples For Research

Through Tissue Solutions’ global network you can reliably and efficiently source valuable biological material adhering to the highest possible ethical standards. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and offer a single access point for a wide range of diseased and normal tissues in fresh, frozen, and FFPE formats.

Our Products

An extensive offering of fresh human tissues with short delivery times & effective supply chain solutions.

Fresh blood shipped within a few hours of collection, location dependant.

Normal and pathology verified diseased tissue from an extensive range of indications and tissue types.

Custom thickness, stained and unstained slides from countless tissue types and indications.

Available from normal and a wide range of diseased donors, Additional characterization available, including HLA typing.

An extensive offering of fresh human skin with short delivery times and shipped in a medium of your choice.

We accurately determine your tissue needs to ensure we source the best tissues for your application

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